For credit, funding or the experience?

You may participate in a URP in three different ways, as outlined below:

Applying for URP course credit

You can earn from one to four credit hours per semester for your participation in the URP. The number of credit hours you earn is negotiable between you and your faculty sponsor. If you choose this option you and your sponsor need to:

  • Determine how many credit hours you will earn (1 to 4)
  • Decide exactly what is expected of you, such as your time commitment, the type of work to be submitted, etc.
  • Agree on how your grade will be determined

If your registration for the term exceeds 21 credit hours after designating the URP credit hours, you will be required to pay for the additional credit hours. During the summer term, you will be billed for each URP credit hour for which you register.

With your sponsor, complete an Undergraduate Research Project (URP) Research Registration Form (4UR) and submit this form directly to the Registrar's Office.

Submit your URP application to the URP Department Coordinator, the Coordinator will forward the complete application to the Office of Undergraduate Education.

All applications with the "Participating for Credit" designation are approved at the Department level. Therefore, no formal approval notification is sent from the Office of Undergraduate Education.

Applying for funding

In the past, students who have participated in the URP for pay have earned up to $3,000 per semester. The majority of participants earn over $400 per semester.

URP funding comes from two sources:

  • Your sponsoring faculty member or department
  • The Office of Undergraduate Education

The faculty sponsor or department is responsible for the financial support of your research. In addition, the Office of Undergraduate Education pays URP participants up to a maximum of $400 per semester in the form of matching funds.

Applications that are submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Education that do not contain funding from the sponsoring department will not be approved for matching funds.

If you choose this option, you and your sponsor need to determine the total amount you will earn and rate of pay. The minimum hourly rate for the URP is $10 however; the rate that the sponsoring faculty member pays to you from their funds is negotiable. Decide how much time you will work; most projects expect eight hours per week not to exceed twelve hours of research per week.

Applications requesting funding from the Office of Undergraduate Education that are received after the application deadline may not be approved for matching funds. However, the sponsoring department's funding will be approved.

The URP application should be submitted to the Department URP Coordinator in the department in which you are working. The Department Coordinator:

  • Reviews the URP application for completeness
  • Completes your payroll authorization form
  • Forwards your application and payroll paperwork to the Office of Undergraduate Education for approval
  • Will set up a schedule for reporting your accrued hours which should be reported within the same payroll period that you have worked. Pay checks are issued every other Friday.

Applying for the Experience

No deadline specified. You would have the opportunity to apply to gain the experience of working on a research project.