Earth, Energy, and Environment - The Vasudha Living & Learning Community at Rensselaer

Vasudha Flyer Vasudha is a new first-year living & learning community at Rensselaer. Being a living and learning community, students have the chance to study and live with other students who share their interests in the Earth, its environment, and our natural and energy resources. The students who elect to participate in this program will be encouraged (but not required) to enroll in a core seminar, IHSS-1970 Nature/Society, offered during the Fall semester. They will also have other opportunities to take courses related to energy, environment, the earth sciences, and biodiversity, including a dedicated section of Biology with greater attention to nature’s ecology. Similar to the other theme houses, all members of Vasudha will live in a common residence hall—the program is located in Nason Hall—with a dedicated lounge and classroom. The signature themes of the program focus on independent thought, critical thinking, and an early introduction to an undergraduate research experience.

We also view this as a program that can continue throughout a student’s period of study at Rensselaer, although the residential component is for the first year only. No commitment beyond the first year is necessary. All of the courses students take within the program are applicable towards graduation requirements, either as required courses or as free electives. All students in the program will be making normal progress towards their degree requirements.

If you’re interested, simply check off the “Earth, Energy, and Environment” theme housing option on your housing application form (this will be part of the You’re In website). You’ll be placed in a lottery, and if selected, we will contact you to confirm your interest. Or check out the Vasudha flyer and application form as well as the community’s website Community's Own. The application deadline is June 30, 2016 or until all of the spaces are filled. (Apply early, as we will be using rolling admissions into the program. Students who complete the application form will receive preference in admission to the Vasudha program.)