Office of International Programs

Study abroad and other international experiences have become an integral part of a well-rounded undergraduate experience. A period abroad allows students to develop a broader perspective on their chosen academic field of study while earning credit towards a Rensselaer degree, or to gain valuable practical and intercultural experience. Students gain a deeper understanding not only of the culture in which they will be living, but also the culture of the U.S. and its place in today’s global society.

The Office of International Programs (OIP) administers study abroad and exchange programs for Rensselaer’s undergraduate students. The OIP works with faculty to develop international opportunities that align with the academic programs offered at Rensselaer, and serves as a source of information on international opportunities for the campus community. OIP staff assists Rensselaer undergraduates from their initial study abroad inquires through their return to campus, and is responsible for the international students who come to Rensselaer on exchange.

Semester programs are primarily Rensselaer-sponsored academic exchanges, allowing students to attend top universities worldwide while earing credit towards a Rensselaer degree. Each year, a small number of students choose to enroll in study abroad programs run by other universities or study abroad providers.

While most Rensselaer-sponsored programs take place during the academic semesters, there are also short-term opportunities during the summer and January breaks. The OIP helps students to identify international programs that best meet their academic needs and personal interests.

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Fees and Billing - Students who participate in affiliated study abroad or exchange programs are charged the cost of regular RPI tuition for their term(s) abroad. Some programs carry an additional fee. Unless otherwise noted, transportation, housing and other living expenses are paid directly by each student and are not billed by RPI.

Financial Aid - With the exception of work-study money, all forms of financial aid can be applied to Rensselaer-affiliated programs. Students must maintain full-time status (the equivalent of 12 Rensselaer credits or above) in order to be eligible for financial aid.

Grades and Credit - Full credit is granted for courses completed with a grade of C- or above. All courses must be approved by the relevant academic department in order for the transfer of credit to take place. With the exception of the Architecture programs, grades earned overseas are not factored into the GPA.

Orientation - a mandatory pre-departure orientation session takes place at RPI each semester. In addition, most host institutions hold their own on-site orientation programs for international students.